iRRooTTaa (creation 2024) in collaboration with Grensgeval

In iRRooTTaa Willem and Sophie are being overwhelmed by a mass of little, white, ceramic
balls. They are far from perfect: not totally round, all slightly different, and also with far too
many. Sophie and Willem can never grasp them all, nor can they fully grasp them. Rattling they
roll in all directions, jump round and about, suddenly start to fizz in a mouth or are irrevocably
stuck to the ceiling.

iiRRooTTaa will be an invitation to stop trying to keep all the balls in the air. It is an ode to the
‘drop’. Because sometimes dropping is full of new possibilities. Failure is allowed. Changing the
rules, too. Who knows, perhaps playing life becomes much more fun if we can let it slip between
our fingers every now and then.

Surrounded by the audience Willem and Sophie create a musical circus composition full of balls.
iRRooTTaa will be a stimulating aural and visual circus performance for everyone aged four and
up, childrens’ over-stimulated parents included.

Creation: January - September 2024